How to make money with NFT

Why are NFTs so valuable? NFT is like gold, silver, gems, rare. That makes it special!
What is driving the demand for NFTs? It’s not just digital scarcity or uniqueness. Rather, it is the individual benefit and the emotions that are derived from the origin of the NFT. The benefits are mostly obvious. If an NFT ticket gives access to a very significant event, there is a clear reason to purchase that NFT. The same applies to objects in a computer game which entitle the game characters to special abilities.
But why should you buy an NFT work of art for a lot of money? That is certainly the question many are asking. And some doubt whether art can even be digital. But then it would be just as questionable why people buy expensive paintings or expensive collector’s stamps. It is the emotions that trigger the origin of the collector’s item. The story behind it creates the real value.
An autograph card is just a piece of paper with some ink on it. But if the signature comes from a very prominent personality and the reason for the signature was a very special one, then the value increases accordingly. In the age of digitization, works of art and signatures by celebrities can now also be dematerialized and displayed on the Internet.
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